If you don't know where you're going, any destination will do.

Welcome to The Innovation Road Map, the web site that supplies the way to increased innovation for you and your organization. A road map is a description of "the possible roads, distances, conditions and connections" between where you are and where you want to go. The Innovation Road Map provides not one, but many alternative paths to future innovation. This multi-purpose site charts changing customer needs, technological capability and competitive responses. And it describes the many choices organizations can make for utilizing their unique capacity for change and abilities to fulfill stakeholder desires. In addition the Innovation Road Map will focus on you, the individual traveler. By design, the information and products provided within The Innovation Road Map site, are needs driven and scaleable. They can be applied to individual minneapolis repair projects or large organizations. It focuses on creativity, strategy, leadership and innovation.

In this web site you will find many free resources:

The Innovation Road Map Travelogue - free travelogue journal based on observations and insights of the innovation journey

The Illuminated Innovant - a book review blog. It contains reviews of books related to creativity, innovation, strategy and leadership

The Innovation Commons -  a blog exploring the concept of an innovation commons and the principles upon which a successful innovation commons could be built.

The Innovation Road Map Newsletter - free monthly newsletter on innovation.

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